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Color Amazes me.

I was taken to a movie one day when I was little. It was quite an event for anyone in Taiwan in the early 60s let alone a six year old. I remember, as my eyes traveled from top to bottom, from left to right, how impressed I was with the interior of that theater. There were these huge color boards placed right underneath the screen. I remember I didn't like the red, yellow, blue and green sequence, and told my mother that green and blue shouldn't be put side by side, it would look more balanced if the green and yellow swapped position.

Looking back, I'm not sure if those colors really needed rearranging but it occurs to me now that color has attracted my attention from a very young age.

As a child, I was constantly dancing, singing, and performing. In short I was born artistically active. As I grew older my attention was directed to more "serious" business. Art? That's a hobby for the rich or a job for the homeless; or so I was told by my parents and my teachers, or anyone back then in the developing country of my birth. It was only as a middle aged adult, done with most of my business pursuits in life that art came to visit me again.



One day, tired of feeding pile after pile of printed materials from my mailbox into the recycle bin, I asked myself, "Can I make something useful out of these wasted resources?" The seed was planted. Another day a friend invited me to make collages together to kill time. Among her fancy color papers, tinsel foils, sparkling glues, etc. I found a copy of a used magazine waiving at me. As I browsed through the pages it was not the images, but the colors and textures contained in those images that caught my eye. They seemed to have something to tell me. Folding an 8.5 by 11 inch thick piece of paper in half, I thought, if I did it right, I might finish a card of some sort for Xmas or New Years. I had always wanted to live by water, so I tore some green colors for the trees and bushes, some blue colors for the sky and sea, some reds for the houses... gradually, an image of a dream house by the sea emerged. By the time I was done, I loved the work so much taht I didn't want to give it away to anyone for anything.

So there, piece by piece, from realism to abstraction, my paper painting took on a life of its own. Now, three years later, art has reclaimed that little girl in the movie theater; this time completely.



Painting without brush and paint imposes a new set of challenges. How to create "shade" without being able to mix colors on a pallet? How to express "light" without being able to "touch up"? How to ensure color consistency when you only have so many pieces of a certain color to work with? Interestingly enough, the technical limitations imposed by this format push me to find solutions beyond my conscious imagination. Often these solutions lie in the color itself. By carefully manipulating the colors I can achieve most of the tasks I have set for myself, sometimes leading me in directions I hadn't perviously imagined.

I wish to promote this fun and cost-effective art through teaching and exhibitions. Please feel free to contact me through email with your questions, suggestions or better yet, invitations. I will be so delighted to hear from you.



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