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I doubt if this game was even recognized by anyone, and I don't even bother checking it. :) It has sentimental values to me already and I don't care what others, if anyone, claim about this game being anything, original, state of art "at the time", or any extremely retro excuses that make them feel justified for bringing such an old game up on the Internet.

No, I don't bring excuses. I bring the facts. And the bare fact about this game, is that It's Probably One of the First Realtime Strategy Game!!
See!? See how that tank moves around? That's enemy movement! And if you and your 2P comrade (I strongly recommend 2P cooperative playing!) don't device a good defense tactics, your base will be infiltrated and your eagle slaughtered and you don't want that!!

And before you gasp with surprise, theres more, as There's a Variety of Enemies, With All The Different Characteristics! 5 Types to be precise! There's your average enemy tanks, there's one with fast cannons, there's heavy armored ones, and the quick scouting ones! And see the red ones there? That's their resource car and if you hit it, you'll obtain Vital Information of Upgrade Item Locations! What a thrilling experience!

Okay before my blatant rants produce more negative impact, let me get this straight - this game was one principle ingredient of my childhood memories. Back in the early 90s when I didn't have allowance for new games, this was our only mean of video games for the entire family, and we gladly accept it, like people embrace Tetris. My dad was particularly intrigued by its simplicity in design and all, and we had a lot (and I do mean a LOT) of fun playing together in 2P battle against the headless enemies. We make out tactics, execute them, chase after upgrade items... (grin). It gives me warm feelings just to think about it again. A large portion of my childhood gaming was affixed to this game for sure, and I'm sure no newcomers can find that out of anywhere...

Ray Chien, Apr. 2001

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