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One of those games my 'Big Brother' and 'Second Brother' brought home one day. They always rented great games but this one in particular. This game gave me such a strong impression that I regretted not remembering its name back then (I was too little to appreciate the meaning of 'keeping'), until very recently when I accidentally bumped into it at one of the Emu sites.

The Japanese hardcore gamers once again (unknowingly) helped me confirmed my personal taste; this game is special to them as well, mostly for two reasons that I didn't realize I knew all along: 1. the great music, and 2. the original concept of "girl in leather boots on aero-motorbikes"(blush). Basically that covers everything I ever wanted to praise for this game. :)

The great music, well, unless you've been in a cave for the last ten years you should know that those Japanese do know how to make great game musics that enhances the gaming experience in unimaginable ways, and this is one of those early triumphs produced by Namco. Try it, download a ROM and hear it and see if I've been right, and if you've decided to make a rearranged MIDI out of it, contact me.

And the second aspect... um, the girl on aero-bike thing, well... it's purely speculative but honestly...

Wouldn't You?

C'mon, like you've never had any fantasies? ;) Although I'd admit it's a bit hard to convince for an 8-bit machine, but we'll cover that up with all the gorgeous fanzines and doujinshis... :D
"You male PIG!"

Ahem, all in all, this game is memorable in its own ways. I guess you really don't care what kind of personal sentimental values it has for me but since this is my page, watch out!
See, I used to just play this game over and over... stage one, stage two... (the terminalogy used is First Day, Second Day) and hear the music over and over and shoot up the bad guys... and the boss encounters... I just find it so fascinating and somehow, I thought I could just play this game, this two levels, for ever, or at least somewhere close to it. It's so in harmony with that little me back then, when other games always seemed so hard (well, this one is hard too, but at least I get to stage 3 before I got wiped out). And this little silly and sweet thought, my friend, is found no where else...

Ahem, anyways. That's about it.

Ray Chien, Apr. 2001

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