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Metafight: Level 1
Provided by Rikimigi

Like the many other NES games I have listed, this game has some decent graphics (if you pardon the number of colors), a *great* set of music and SFX, an innovative system and a solid gameplay.
But most of all, what makes this game ticks is that THE WHEELS ROLL!! And the blaster weapon ROCKS!!!(No pun intended) This is what really caught my eye man, and there's So Many Upgrades You Can Add to your nice tank car! It's like Super Metroid Tank! Upgrading RULES, PERIOD!

And what's more, the driver of the tank can GET OUT OF THE TANK and Make Fights In Indoor Spaces! It's like Metal Slug With a Funky Suit! What more can add to atmosphere than a variety of mind-bending playing perspectives that illustrates the very world you are playing it in? And don't even get me started on the solid gameplay!

Sadly enough I never made it to clear the game. Even now I'm trapped in one of the levels and couldn't figure out the right way. See? It's that puzzling! And at places I am required to pull off stunts such as activating Hovering Fly mode, reach a platform way up near the ceiling and make a good landing before the fuel runs out! And Then Found Out I Can Jump Up There From Another Direction!Talking about complexity man! And you think beating one of those new off the shelf Megaman is tough deal? Go get one of the original Rockman and think twice! Argh! I'm off.

Ray Chien, Apr. 2001

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