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If you have no prior knowledge of Japanese adult computer games (Hentai), it's best that you read about it somewhere else first. And for this matter, if you're under-aged/minor in your country's standard, you must leave this page right now.

* Release by: Silky's
* Windows 95 version available.

Command-based ADV game. Single story-line that forks out near the end. Multiple endings.

You as Kojurou wakes up in pitch darkness. After a little struggle, you realized that you are the great evil lord of darkness with immense power and a gigantic spaceship controlled by your loyal assistant Ren. Largely misunderstood by the human space forces, you actually have a good heart, and no memory of the past. Sadly, all of your good-willed actions turn out the wrong way...

Above average quality. Considering it's 16-color, it's done a great job. This goes for all the other great games on PC98.
'Those' scenes aren't exactly the most arousing, so if you're after that, don't bother with the game...

Terrific!!! Perfect scores that capture the hilarious, comedic storyline, but are also strong when it comes to sentimental feelings, or the thrilling moments.

Be-Yond is a hilarious game, and that's what I enjoyed most. :) During the first few chapters, the entire storyline is loaded with sarcastic remarks, black humor, or just plain silly moments, all universally laugh inducing (no cultural reference required). The characters are all very unique and well developed (no pun intended...). But when it gets to the later chapters, the story takes a serious and deep turn, as the mystery of the lord of darkness becomes unraveled, and Kojurou must confront with his troubled identity... the ending is touching and sentimental.

In a Nutshell
If you like to laugh and at the same time enjoy deep story, this game is definitely for you. If you just want lots of Hen-tai, don't bother.

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