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A pseudo-title a while after you finished the what's probably the prologue part of game.

I'll not consider myself exaggerating, if I am to say this game transformed me.

My life after knowing FF3 can be summed up by the antonym of a popular Sloan song title.

In a word, I was OVERWHELMED.

FF3 was the closest thing to 'the game of my life', if it weren't because of my obvious young age at the time I knew about it.

Une's shrine This fanfare of mine was probably due to the pretty graphics, like the skeptics love to say, but pretty graphics aren't nothing without the incredibly sophisticated and majestic storyline to keep me interested. Indeed, the story is astonishing. I can't stress enough how well done the plots and the story were, and how much that element of fantasy, that which has gradually diminished throughout the latent releases of FFs, was as vibrant as the fire itself.

And then, the Job system that simply hooked me. It comes second to FF5 in terms of addictivity. I can't quite explain what is it so fun when I can turn my four personas from warriors (basic class) into Knights, and into Ninjas again (which was the highest job, probably due to Japanese nationalism, but I didn't care who claims to be the best). After changing a job, their equipable weapons and armors, attack type, and pretty much everything else is set uniquely. Do you know what SCHOLARS use for weapons? BOOKS: BIG BULKY BOOKS. How about Vikings? and BARD? ... There was also a complicated parameter-growth chart thingy, but I always seem to make out plans that I forgot to carry out when I was at it.

I was a dedicated fan. As soon as I realized how good it was, I wanted to get the most out of it (with the help of a thorough guidebook); I started the game with characters of names I chose in a serious manner, and played the game like a FF maniac - trying to figure out everything: read all the seemingly useless rants of citizens (which sadly I couldn't understand), enjoyed each and every event sequence and pondered their meanings, enjoyed the mood, enjoyed the battles, thought hard about purchases, chilled all over about secret areas I found ............. I was all over it.

The cursed town When I was not playing the game, I read the aforementioned guidebook that is made by local publishers. I bloodily read the guidebook, from the beginning to the end, from the simple story descriptions, the levels, the conversation translations (which was buggy and full of errors, but I didn't know better)... to the item descriptions, to the extra-info pages, to the credits. I read it over and over again. It was already badly torn when I got my hands on it, and I was not surprised. The guidebook was by the way in Chinese. (one of the privileges of being a Taiwanese young boy, but look at my glasses!)

My life philosophy changes. The idea of 4 brave warriors saving the world, and the thought of having accomplished it (sort of with my Big Brothers' help though) changed my ways of valuation. I nolonger think I was a little boy, but A little boy that may as well save the world (hehe, now I think). It gave me tremendous, what you call, self esteem, in a very mature sense. Which was important for a little kid constantly threatened by bullies. Battle scene - Misato (hehe) casts  Cure2 to Kai!

I acquired new habits. Humming songs was one of them. I remembered every melody, every music in the game, from battles to dungeons, to details of each instruments and how and when they're played, because I hum along all of them very too often, sometimes in an effort to pretend I was playing the game on the bus, and all the time trying to mimic it to the best I could. It was no wonder... they were splendid. The musics in FF3 are still, after all these years, the most (dare I say) divine ones in all FF, and if there comes a day when no one agrees to me anymore(I highly doubt), I will still loudly declare this feeling.

No other game would ever produce the same result again, not even if they do. Which is why I look down on most of the recent so-called RPG games on the market; I'm sure those NES Dragon Quest gamers also felt this way; intresting enough I had no similar feelings whatsoever for DQ series (even though I did play some, with guidebook as well), and I guess it's the same for them too.

Fine, you say, because Final Fantasy was a great series to begin with, but maybe I must get on with it. Didn't I already? That's why I automatically bought the astonishing FF4 and the addictive FF5, and eventually, the spiritless FF6 and the average FF7.
Now, did I tell you my preferences in FF?

To the even earlier FFs (1 and 2), I must admit that I could not quite enjoy them now even though I have access to them. I guess the age of introduction is a major factor here. I thereby envy those who have had the opportunity to enjoy FF1 and FF2, and I wonder how they would think of FF3.

Ray Chien, May 2001
slightly revised Sep. 2002

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