This is a collection of pages on the computer/video games that I have played on various platforms. From as early on as I was able to hold controllers, to what I have just played last week, it's a chronology of my gaming history.

If you recognize a game you loved, please don't hesitate to write to me about it, by E-mail or by BBS. ^_^

Personal Computer

Ragnarok Online
Windows (English)   Windows (Japanese)
C&C Red Alert
Escape from Monkey Island

English DOS Games   Japanese PC-98 Games
SimCity 2000
Under A Killing Moon
Command & Conquer
Be-Yond ~Kurotaisho Ni Mirareteru~
Doukyusei 2
EVE ~burst error~
Kizuato updated
Princess Maker 2
Toshin Toshi 2

Console Platforms

PlayStation Games   Sega Saturn
BioHazard (Resident Evil)
BioHazard 2 (Resident Evil 2)
Chrono Cross
Final Fantasy Tactics
Final Fantasy VII
King Of Fighters 98
Super Robot Wars F
  Magic Knight Rayearth
Princess Maker 2
D's Diner
Super Famicom (SNES) Games   Mega Drive (aka Genesis, SEGA)
Final Fantasy 5
FireEmblem Genealogy of Holy War
Final Fantasy 4
FireEmblem Secret of the Emblem
Romancing Sa Ga 2
Seiken Densetsu 2
Shin Digital Devil Story
Super Metroid
Tenchi Souzou
Wonder Project J

(See my SNES Games Review)

  Advanced Millitary Commander
Burning Force
Phantasy Star 2
Record of Bahamut War
Shinning and The Darkness
Valis III
Famicom (NES) Games    

The Argos Warrior (Rygar)
Battle City
Bird of Fire - Phoenix
Digital Devil Story 2
Double Dragon
Dragon Slayer 4
Final Fantasy 3
GUARDIC Gaiden (The Guardian Legend)
Konami Wai Wai World
Meikyu Kumikyoku (Milon's Secret Castle)
Metafighter (Blaster Master)
Rockman series


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