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The Japanese gaming population today is easily divided into two: the 99.999999% who have never seen or heard of this game, and the measly figures, that merely escaped being rounded down to nothingness, of those who know. The former can't care less, but the latter will tell you exactly how much this game has meant to Japanese back then.

Back in the Days when PC-98 Ruled The Realm of Japanese PC as we know it...

Okay this is just gonna be a brief background. In the old days, Japanese computers were made by NEC, not IBM or some Micro-soft. PC-88 and PC-98 were such proud species, until very recently when Windows start popping up. One of the big thing back then was, of course, games. The environment of PC was harsh, but they flourished anyway. As console system like Nintendo start sprouting up, it was only inevitable that some of those PC-88 games get ported. And "JESUS" was one of them.

However incomplete this port has been (you wouldn't believe how much got cut out!), it's the only version of JESUS I can find out here right now and so I'll just stick to it for the time being... And Now the Reviews!

JESUS is an old adventure type of game. Your basic movements are to choose from a menu: walking around, talking to your crew members, checking out stuffs. Crew members? That's right JESUS is a Horror Sci-Fic staged in Space Ships. Familiar no? :) And although I'm not really an experienced gamer at this genre, I can't tell if it has been a masterpiece, but I know it was decent enough that it hooked me until I can't get no further (because of Emulator flaw). There were also a few bonuses to this game - it featured colorful full-screen animations that was simply out of the world in the 80s, and the music's melody was everlasting, and the characters are so lovable and full of personalities, and if I keep on talking you'll think "this guy's full of shit" but I'm just telling things as they are - in a fair perspective though. :)

The REAL big deal that our aforementioned measly population make out of this game, however, is a different thing. Apparently JESUS was the first of its kind - the first adventure game that make use of simple menu-selection for your exploration, rather than the 'finding keyword' routines that scratches old time gamers to death. That probably gives a certain clues to us of the evolution of adventure games, but is it valid? As far as the Japanese gamers are concerned, yes, and because it's been so long, it only takes a really, really old time hard-core gamer (maybe your Principle will know who) to figure out the timeline of adventure games. But for the time being, I'd gladly give the credit to JESUS.

Don't die, Houka~~~!!!

Sadly though as I said the flaw of Emulator, I can't finish the last 'battle' right before the ending (those who know what I meant will grin at this very moment, and laugh now after reading this remark). But judging from the experience I had up to then, I'd comfortably recommend it full hearted... to a retro gamer that is. ^^;

Ray Chien, Apr. 2001

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