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This game is rated 18-restricted in Japan, but this page itself does not contain sensitive material... you may leave or stay.


I have to re-write this page... it just looked totally wrong.

Kizuato is a Japanese adventure game... if you're familiar with those, you know what type of gameplay is involved: Reading lots of texts, watching static 2D anime characters in static backgrounds, and making selections once a while. For English speakers this is reduced to just lots of mouse clicking; probably one of the reasons this game was unheard of in North America.

If you can't read the text, don't bother trying it. If you're looking for the game for its 'scenes'... it's not a porn game so don't bother, it's not worth your effort.

Otherwise, this is probably one of the best games in its genre, to date. Visual Novel as it is, is somewhat like novels equivalent of games, only with music, sound and user interaction, and this is such a great example of how well that can be played.

An in-game scene



You are Kouichi Kashiwagi, a 20ish, second-year university student. You were notified of your father's death when you received a call from your cousins, who have been living with your father for the past 8 years. They were grieve stricken and wished you to pay a visit with them for a week - as is the tradition when someone passed away. As you moved in with the cousins, you began to have horrifying dreams that threaten your sanity. But that was only the beginning, as a serial murderer was about to be set loose...

The story is the most amazing part of the game. Not just the script, but how it develops. There are essentially 17 different endings to the story, which could take one of four major routes of the adventure, each of which reveals pieces of clues as to what happened, and who is Kouichi? Unlike conventional games, where you must reveal all the secrets before it ends, Kizuato offers an experience that is always new - what if you do something instead of something else? In this sense it develops the same story many times over, allowing it to manifest into something very robust and realistic.

Theme wise, it is (obviously) mystery, suspense, with a strong Japanese traditional cultural taste (this is also reflected in its music), and a bit of Sci-Fi as well.

Another flashback :)



The original PC98 version is out of print, plus it's near impossible to find a PC98 nowadays. Think DOS in Japan. There was a Windows 95 version, which was also out of print, now that there is a Kizuato Renewal version. Yes, the renewal version looks nothing like the screenshots here... which are from actual PC98 version taken with emulators. :)

Kizuato Portable is also in the making for the PSP. It is increasingly looking like an old classic that gets endless remakes now, eh...

Ray Chien, July. 2005

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