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Konami WW World Splash screen!

Yet another game that I wasted endless days of my childhood on! But this game is special! :) This is a Konami heroes All Star action game... The synopsis: Earth is in a crisis, that's because of the evil Warda's invasion. And you, as Konami Man and Konami Lady, backed by the all-knowing Dr. Cinnamon (he's a man!), will have to rescue all six of the Konami super-heroes, unite their forces to defeat the badass no-good.

And the Konami list-up?
What would they choose as their all-time favorite heroes to show up in this game?

They probably won't have Snake for another ten years so too bad there. Here comes the list.

Goemon - The infamous thief of the medieval Japan.
I've actually played a Goemon game before. It's kind of nice... lots of tricks and stuff and very fun game.

Simon - Yes, the guy in Akumajo! ^^ He looks just as great in this game also, the game engine is actually similar to (based on?) that of Akumajo's. One of my favorite characters.

Fuuma - Fuuma (roughly: demon of wind) is probably lesser known in the US. It's another game series of its own brand, of an ancient Japanese settings with their demons and stuff - I can't say I know much about it. But it's supposed to be an RPG...?

Mikey - From the Goonies. I guess the Goonies Nintendo game was licensed to Konami. Do they have such rights as to put him into Konami's All-Star games? But I guess why care. Mikey is in it too! And he would be an essential teammates when it comes to rescue the King Kong! Yes I mean it!

Moai - The Moai head - I really don't know him now, if he is he, I mean, he's just a big chunk of rock... Puking bubbles... I guess it serves as a painful reminder of how crazy the early Nintendo games were at casting, that even a head-shaped bulder makes it to the top list...

Kong - I'm not really sure if it's King Kong. Maybe it's Donky Kong, not sure... Big ape that throws banana. ^^

Each super-hero is trapped in a stage appropriate to their original game's feel - for example Simon would be trapped in a stone castle, Mikey trapped in... a ghost ship. ^^ And the Konami Man and Lady (you can alternate which one to control at any time) shall first venture into these stages, one by one, to rescue them... Once rescued they're one of the characters that we can control, to help rescue the other heroes.

Other than the listed 'human' characters though, there will also be a chance to do vertical scroller shooting at the later part of game, and that's when Vic Viper and Twin Bee will come to play (the characters will pilot the fighters!!).

And the Gameplay? Well it's no secret... Very good! (^^)
Solid game engine. As mentioned before, just like Akumajo... very smooth movements. It's easy to get a hang on the controls.
It's a great family game, as it allows for two player Co-op (it was really meant to be like that). We loved the game back then as it provided hours of fun... though, a lot of times, the fun was induced by our clumsy controlling that get us killed and our teammates going the wrong way and stuff... weren't we just silly? :) After a while I started playing solo and tried to progress through the game, but we had no concept of that password thing and never made use of it... I had a couple tries where I actually saved Goemon or even Simon (he's the second to be saved). But always end up getting killed in Mikey's stage... There is a password to get all characters and all special items though. And no doubt we used that password to get us straight to the last boss. (^^)

It's a game for the young fanatics of old Konami games... or just for pure, silly fun.

For the sake of layout, I've thrown all screenshots to the bottom... Try to make sense to them... from what I said... read the alt text also. (^^;;)

The Stage-select screenGoemon's stageKing Kong stage Akumajo?Fuuma's stagePause screen - everyone 's stats. I used the password  to get everything. :P  From  left to right, top row first, is: Konami Man, Konami Lady, Goemon, Simon, Fuuma, Mikey, Moai, and last but not least, Kong.

Ray Chien, Sep. 2002

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