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So what is it you asked? It's a heartwarming, kiddish cute adventure to save the princess from the castle. (Mario?) Your man is a boy in blue pajamas with santa's hat, your weapon is shooting bubbles... like he was really asleep. Your foes are slime, fishhead, blowfish, and all the other fairies and imps. The music is always pleasant with a melody you never get tired of, and the stage of adventure is basically cuteness itself with little secrets and puzzles here and there. The path is by no mean straightforward; and it takes more than just hints and support items to get you through all the obstacles. A walkthrough may be needed...

The English version of this game is titled "Milon's Secret Castle" - thanks for the info, Kagami. ^^

It's one of the nice little games I always kept in my collection, even though I wasn't able to beat it. This is also one of those games in which I got used to the tiresome and tedious 'kill and heal' process.
See because the enemies re-spawn all the time at the SAME locations, and because your health is easily scraped away, and because you cannot save and continue, there comes a time when you must wait at the spawning point of enemies, attacking it (maybe using a specialized controller pad to help) so that the enemy is KILLED AT BIRTH, just so you can pick up the possible goodies it leaves behind and REPEAT, and heal yourself this way. That's what I call kill and heal (or simply, Camping? ^^). Other games such as Rockman series and Rygar also demanded me for this practice frequently... at least that's when I was little.

Ahem, before I get too low-class, let's get back to point; this is a great fun game with no blood or gore. Totally recommended if you want a nice action game for your innocent children (note: believed to be extinct nowadays, the games and the children). But remember this game was made in the 80s.

Ray Chien, Apr. 2001
Last revised on Sep. 2002

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