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Princess Maker 2 holds a very simple idea; you as a hero who saved the Kingdom, were granted a daughter by the gods, and you were told to raise her properly so that she grows up into a fine lady.

What you do as the daily routines of this game is to schedule the daughter to work part-time, to study at school, or to go out in adventure; the various abilities (parameters) of your daughter will grow gradually depending on what kind of work she does and what kind of school subjects she attends, and the better she's at, the more money she makes... and money is important: you need money to go to school, but you only get money (in much smaller portions) from part-time jobs, a portion of your income, and rewards from competitions that she must win.

Princess Maker 2, and its predecessor Princess Maker, were the pioneers of this kind of game... which was suitably called child rearing simulation. Crazy idea? blame the Japanese. It is a highly addictive game. It does not breed family violence - as in this game the girl gets bad temper easily if you stress her out... and if she's mad enough it's game over. =)


But just going to work and school is no fun at all. True to its RPG backdrop, the daughter can go out to adventures. Needless to say, the girl must strengthen up and get some combat training and proper equipment in order to survive long out there... On the contrary, the girl can also aim for a future in high society, learning the decorums and visiting the royal palace, and again, it takes more than pretty face to excel at that. And then, as always, the girl can always settle as a shop owner, or a nun... the possibility of her future is almost endless. Other than basic health, her intelligence, interests, and all kinds of stuff, translates to about 40~50 different endings (of jobs), several turnouts of marriage, and a judgement of how well she does in her field.

The length of the game time is 8 years in simulation (from when she's 10). What she ends up doing in her 18th birthday... will depend on the actual results. For a little short term goal, there are annual festivals where different kinds of competitions (cooking, dancing, fighting, arts) are being held. Winning first place in any of these is not easy, but it will come with a wholesome reward that pays for almost everything you wanted for the rest of the next year.

The gameplay value is guarenteed; I personally wasted so much time, I can't recall. The game is very well balanced, and there's no better/worse jobs. You must have a very clear agenda in mind or else the trainings won't add up. And you can tell that the creators enjoyed making this game too, adding all the (almost) excessive little details that keep you amused... Even though the routine is routine, it's not tiring with all the cute animations :). You'd be surprised that you never get tired of its melodies, which is absolutely beautiful and original (you'd be surprised for this because once you're at it, you spend so much time at it), and the girl herself - illustrated in an adoring and innocent figure, is simply lovely.

For a game like this, the Japanese gamers call it 'CLASSIC' (they don't name classics as easily as the North Americans do...). And it was already observed that at least 4 different ports have been made of this particular game to other platforms. An English port had been planned in the past but it was unfortunately miscarried.

Ray Chien, July 2005

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