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Rygar title screen One of the many games I remembered quite vividly. (well, the thing is if I didn't - we'd be none the wiser!) What strike me as revolutionary was that it is one of those games with two types of field layout. As you can see in the images, there is a Side scroller engine, and there is a Field overview engine at work. And thankfully, the overall system created a good blend.

Basically you are a warrior to start out adventuring in a world only of monsters (probably resembling a deserted planet), and ultimately to defeat the bullying, no-good, monstrous... um, monster boss. The theme is used so frequently now it turns from cheesiness to familiarity. ^_^ But what's really different about Argos Warrior is that it is not a linear game.

River and totem poles (that's what I'll call them!) In other games you go from stage one, stage two... and sometimes, a Side scroller even scrolls for you, and you'll die if you're pushed too far to the edge. That's not the case here. Of course as you start out, you still explore the maps one after another, but all maps are interconnected and allows you to travel back and forth, some areas within a map cannot be accessed until you obtain tools from other maps... The concept of interconnecting areas is where the two engines come to play. Some of the maps are displayed in side scroller engines, which enabled vertical exploration (and which they really made good use of!); some of them in overview engine, and allowed a better representation of meadows, highlands, castle interiors and such.

Running! The maps themselves are quite gorgeous - at least with the amount of colors given. And there's a variety as well; There are the regular wastelands, creeks, rainforests; to mountains, sky-scraping towers, floating ice platforms, and eventually ... well, save it for when you get there...

The enemies are generally easy, your movement is fluid, and the health system is not insanely bad. :) Your character gradually gets stronger as he fights more enemies, without going into the hassles of EXP and LV. The gameplay is solid and satisfying. Even though your controlling still dictates all, it's easy to get better at it too. ......What really kills me most of the time (there we go...), is the PULLEY!!! The engine loves to pretend I wanted to fall off a cliff when I was heading toward the tied pole and should get hooked onto the ROPE and SLIDE!!! ARGHH!!! And the second easiest kill is FALLING!!! By falling from a high elevation, I don't just drop to lower elevation!!! I die like if I fell to a bottomless PIT!!!!
Stupid Engine! But, really, this past nuisance gradually became a charm of its own... (^^) Besides there's always continue.

But if you try to defile the throne of the wise man, there's no continue. Deathwish

"Argos Warrior" is the name for the Japanese version. "Rygar" is for English version... The two versions are identical in most ways, except that probably 3 BGMs have been changed. They are the very first 2 BGMs you will hear in the game (First map with the sunset, and second map with cliffs and tree climbing) and the wise men's temples.

A remake of this game seems to be on its way, with 3D engine and such...

Ray Chien, May 2001
Last Revised Sep 2003

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