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If you have no prior knowledge of Japanese adult computer games (Hentai), it's best that you read about it somewhere else first. And for this matter, if you're under-aged/minor in your country's standard, you must leave this page right now.

* Released by: Alice Soft
* Windows 95 version available.

RPG, command-based menu and 2D dungeons.

Story Outline
Your name is Seed, a pupil of a sword-fighting dojo who is in love with Hazuki, the daughter of the dojo's master. But the master isn't very impressed with your poor skills, so he presented you with a challenge. The best fighter of the dojo, Birnas, will take Hazuki as partner and enter the Toshin (Divine Fighter) tournament. If you (Seed) can enter the tournament and come out as the champion, beating Birnas, then the master will grant you marrage with Hazuki. For someone still in LV4, you have a lot of catching up to do...

The graphics were top-notch in its days, when everything was rendered in 16 colors. But by today's harsh standards, the colors are just okay. The drawing style, however, is still top-notch. :)

They're good. Not the best things that ever happened, but nothing disappointing either.

It's a grossly engrossing game (hehe)... If you are an old school RPG fan, you'll jump right into it and become addicted of all its goodness. There are lots of innovations worth mentioning in its system and gameplay... I like the idea of level-up goddess that will not appear unless you call for her. And also the ability to purchase an estate and build house, buy furnitures and pets. Then again, probably only people who are old enough to play adult games will really enjoy such things.

The story, as introduced on this page, is just the surface level of something of a much larger scale. A big surprise is to be expected towards the latter part... Such twists in stories have always been a favored device in Japanese adventure games (which are more or less influenced by mystery novels), and the one in Toshin Toshi 2 is one of the best twists that I have ever witnessed.

And last but not the least, the side stories. This is not an empty RPG shell filled with monsters and leveling up... as Seed encounters many other fighters along the way, his involvement with them constantly brings new focuses into the story. Seed grows as he deals with the many faces of life.

In a Nutshell
RPG fans, must play it.

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