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It was actually by a mistake how I was introduced to the game. Apparently, the Chinese name translation of the game was quite similar to that of Phantasy Star... blame the Chinese. And so, for quite some time my big cousins thought this game was that great RPG series, and of course that had been a misunderstanding...

Yuko Closeup But the game itself was by no means a mistake. :)
I mean, just LOOK at her! *_*

And so, Yuuko became my idol at the time quite easily; there weren't so many games with visible girls, you know. (Except for the big sis in Burning Force, who by the way never shows her face) Adding to that, the game is a pretty well done action, of a fairly decent difficulty (not too insane, not too easy).

Conversation with Nisette the divine old fellow And, the story - the story! It actually features animated...well, anime, in its story, and it's good quality. ^_^ In the old days I never quite made it through the level with that armor-man underling of the boss, but later on I got Emulator and nailed (heh) the entire game with quick saves. :) And the ending, being anime, does lives up to the story so far and marks a good end!! I was touched once again. TvT

Yuko in the Fantasm Realm And that's pretty much what I wanna say... The rest is sentimental feelings... but you know what? The girls are gorgeous, the music scores are great, the atmosphere is unique, and everything else rocks... it just stole my childhood impression, that's how I'd like to put it.

Cham on the Southernland trail As a by-the-way though, after a little research I found out that this game on Megadrive is really a downgraded port from PC-Engine, and the original is much more difficult and featured better animation and voice (!) as well. Whereas I don't think I'd be getting any PCE (which is too old by today's standard) in the forseeable future... Maybe I'll just have to wave it goodbye...

On a side note, it seems that the big villain of this Varis 3, the Lord of Devils Rogres, has been very well received as a characteristic manly figure.

Ray Chien, July 2001

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