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About the Products:

Originals:  Originals are mixed media painting style collage sealed with a 2.5mil vinyl FinishGuard® using a UV VacuSeal® process. This protects the work from the sun, air & moisture to ensure their lasting beauty. Due to the random nature of the found materials (mostly used magazines), these collages are one of a kind and can't be duplicated even by the artist herself. Care Instructions:  Original can be framed without glass, they can be framed without glass, but please avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or moisture, and handle with care just like you would with an oil painting. To feel the texture, please touch it gently with clean hands only.

Reproductions:  There are Market Prints and Limited Edition Prints available.

  • Market Prints – These prints are specifically produced for sale at Seattle's Pike Place Market. They are gallery artist approved prints, matted on acid-free fine art paper in standard frame sizes: 8 x 10" to 16 x 20".

  • Limited Edition Giclee Prints – These prints are offered in exactly same sizes as the original works.  They are reproduced personally by the artist one print a time to ensure the absolute highest quality. They are printed with Epson stylus Pro 7900 in 11 colors with the highest quality authentic Epson GiClee quality ink and technique, on fine art, acid free, archival paper. Most of the LE prints are limited to 100 prints.


Pricing of the Products:


Selective originals are for sale on, or please contact Carol directly for detail.


Market Prints

go by matted sizes of:

8 x 10” $20.-
11 x 14” $40.-
12 x 12” $40.-
16 x 16” $75.-
16 x 20” $75.-
20 x 20” $125.-
20 x 24” $125.-


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