Irregular Winds Profile

I don't know how to put myself inside a little box like this. I do a lot of things and do them very seriously. I have been drawing comics since as far back as I can remember, have been a programmer since I was 15, created my first web site at 18 and designed publishing materials at 20.

I never really had a formal education in graphic design, neither do I hold a degree in computer science. But I always loved doing them both, I just always believed that I don't need to turn my passion into a profession. But the reality is I really enjoy working in a job I love and loving the job I do, and that's sort of how Irregular Winds came into existence, although my "day job" takes away most of the time.

The Irregular Winds is my trademark for the work I do, and I do them very sincerely. I hope you can feel it too.

Languages / Tools

  • HTML / JavaScript / CSS
  • Perl Scripting
  • PHP, and some ASP / JSP
  • C++, and some JAVA
  • Macromedia Flash, Flash ActionScript, Adobe Photoshop
  • Visual Basic, VBA, Macros

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