About : RA BBS

Last update... July 05, 2006

RA BBS was developed by myself. :) It began a few years ago when I started out learning the how-to of CGI programming with Perl, and felt the need to put a BBS for my own website (following my own Guestbook), without the ad banners and the potential of remote server crash/buyout/disappearance. The script grows and improves upon itself as I learn the language, and now it's boasting as many features as most (free) BBS you can find anywhere on the Internet (well, save a few).

What It Is

A Bulletin Board / Forum script written in Perl, as a CGI application accessed like a webpage on the Internet.
See The Irregular Winds BBS as an example.


  • Two modes of 'browse' view (Table of Contents, Summary of all recent postings)
  • Postings can be edited, safely with the protection of a user-entered password individual to each posting.
  • Robust Search function.
  • Poster name and E-mail remembered by cookie.
  • Maintains multiple forums.
  • Complete customization of page design specific to each forum.
  • Administrator mode allows postings to be deleted.
  • Enable IP bans, posting bans by words.
  • Great technical support by a nice guy.


Available for FREE! ;)
There is no user registration or logins (for the download, and for the script's own).

RABBS_V1G.ZIP (new! as of July 05 06)


System Requirements

If you want to implement RA BBS script on your website, make sure your hosting company gives you CGI script availability (having a cgi-bin/ or cgi/ directory is a good indicator), as well as allows you to use custom CGI scripts. Some companies do make a distinction, and only allows their own scripts on the server, due to fear of malicious scripts.

Questions? Comments?

Feel free to contact me for any questions regarding this BBS. :)


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