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CGI Scripts

Fluent in Perl for CGI, I can design custom CGI scripts to enhance your website in a very unique and interactive way.

A CGI script on your webpage is capable of doing amazing work: visitor count, feedback form, BBS (forums), order tracking, membership, search engine... to name just a few. Best of all, CGI script is supported in most web hosting services, and nowadays it is a very common feature bundled to any hosting plan with minimal extra costs, making it not only a widely available, versatile tool but also an economic one.

I have studied Perl while designing my own forum script, the RA BBS, which has grown significantly from a single-threaded BBS to a feature-packed, customizable Forum.

Web Designing

I have created several websites for local small businesses as their online storefront, with additional features including:
  • own domain name
  • online catalogue
  • online credit card ordering
  • forums and feedback forms
  • membership log-in

Recent project highlight

Write On Track
An online portal for writers to promote their writings in the publication of educational books.

Personal Project

I have a life-long programming project that began as early as when I first started programming, yet because of the timing of events it was never completed.

It's an RPG project which I am currently looking for collaborators...

Comic Arts

Anime-oriented amateur comic artist, illustrations are usually suitable as insets or comic panes for published materials.


Animated Graphics

I also have some experience with Animated GIFs for past site activities.

Animated pixel-arts can be custom requested and made as icons, banners or buttons.

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